How We Helped The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council
Host President Obama

The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council


To inspire the region by organizing and hosting a world-class 70th Anniversary celebration featuring President Barack Obama.


Create a style and look and feel for the 70th Anniversary celebration

Host a world-class press conference to announce the event and campaign

Recruit over 60 corporate sponsors, donors, and partners

Create robust traditional, digital, and social media marketing campaigns

Sell 9000 tickets

Ensure 3000+ youth have the opportunity to attend

Organize and coordinate the entire event experience

Create world-class video content to capture their 70 years of growth and to inspire the audience as the event opened

Foster partnerships with educational institutions, economic development organizations, and leadership influencers


  • A sold-out event (sold-out in 21 minutes)

  • A world-class guest experience

  • A cohesive look and feel worthy of such an event

  • Completely sold-out all sponsorship levels

  • Completely sold out VIP Floor table section of 70 organizations

  • An incredible celebration of the co-operative and credit union movement

  • A life-changing event

  • Proceeds went to support NSCC community impact fund