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Meet the team

The BrainWorkers


We’re a team of creative, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking professionals with decades of experience at our disposal who work ceaselessly to realize the true potential of our clients. If you're looking for a traditional agency - we're probably not it.

Brad LeBlanc

President + Founding Partner

David Hawkins

CEO + Founding Partner

Lorrie Bell Hawkins

Administrative Director + Founding Partner

Paul Boomhower

Director of Client Happiness

Kathryn Basham

VP Project Management + Results

Marc Basque

Lead Copywriter & Video Director

Joseph Kwan

Lead Graphic Designer

Jessica Lamb

Social Media Manager

Chanelle Doiron

Coordinator General

Harrison Burton

VP Video

Pierre Cormier

Videographer + Editor

Nick Staples

Videographer + Editor

Shannon Wilson

Graphic Designer

Jonah Landry

Videographer + Editor

Glen Burton

Bearded Dragon