The $5 Challenge


How We Helped BEAUSÉJOUR FAMILY CRISIS RESOURCE CENTRE BREAK A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Title ® and raise over $250k at the same time. BEAUSÉJOUR FAMILY CRISIS RESOURCE CENTRE OBJECTIVES Develop a name, brand, theme, and concept that would inspire the region (The $5 Challenge) Organize the culminating event of the Courage Campaign in an accessible to all and exciting fashion whereby every $5 bill mattered Reach 20,000 feet of banknotes in order to defeat the existing record held in the USA Key factors considered before taking action. Build [...]

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Love For Local


LOVE FOR LOCAL Love For Local is a national campaign with hyper-localized execution to help Canadian businesses connect with local customers who are looking for safe ways to support local businesses, organizations, charities, and non-profit organizations. The campaign and program was developed in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By building a robust community of local supporters, businesses and organizations are able to not only survive these trying times but also thrive through them. The campaign is planned to continue and evolve across Canada even once the Pandemic is behind us. CHALLENGES: [...]

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How We Helped Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada Run their most effective national volunteer-recruitment campaign in their 105 year history.  Objective: Create and execute an effective national volunteer recruitment campaign CHALLENGES The headquarters being in Toronto and the agency being in New Brunswick, we were competing with Toronto-based agencies benefitting from much larger reputations who were also closer to them. Many communities were represented in the campaign, therefore, messaging and creative absolutely had to resonate and reflect their reality. Generate 3,500 volunteer enquiries in one month. [...]

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How We Helped Audiologie Avenir Hearing 3X their number of clinics and secure naming rights to Moncton's new $115M downtown centre Objective: Position the brand and expand beyond the Maritimes CHALLENGES Serving in many different communities, the messaging had to be carefully adapted to each in order to be effective across the board. Stand-out from other audiology clinics with storytelling resonates not only with people suffering from hearing loss but also with their friends and families. RESULTS Avenir went on to expand [...]

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How We Helped The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council Host President Obama The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council OBJECTIVES To inspire the region by organizing and hosting a world-class 70th Anniversary celebration featuring President Barack Obama. CHALLENGES Create a style and look and feel for the 70th Anniversary celebration Host a world-class press conference to announce the event and campaign Recruit over 60 corporate sponsors, donors, and partners Create robust traditional, digital, and social media marketing campaigns [...]

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How We Helped The Beauséjour Family Crisis Resource Centre Raise $4.8M Beauséjour Family Crisis Resource Centre OBJECTIVES Raise $4.7 Million dollars to create a new crisis resource centre (with housing) for victims of sexual and domestic abuse and their families. Key factors considered before taking action:  Generate awareness of the charity and the urgent need for a new centre Establish a meaningful brand for the campaign Launch the first ever multi-million dollar charitable campaign in a small town RESULTS Created [...]

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How We Helped Lotto Max Make Dreams Come True (4 Times) Atlantic Lottery Corporation OBJECTIVES Raise the profile of Atlantic Lottery and Lotto Max in the Atlantic Provinces during the Holiday season of 2017. It had to be done in an engaging way so a maximum. Since Lotto Max takes great inspiration from the idea of making dreams come true, we created the Lotto Max “Dream Box”. CHALLENGES 2-day filming schedule in 2 cities. Both the activation and end results had to be captured on film during that [...]

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