How We Helped Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada

Run their most effective national volunteer-recruitment campaign in their 105 year history. 

Objective: Create and execute an effective national volunteer recruitment campaign


The headquarters being in Toronto and the agency being in New Brunswick, we were competing with Toronto-based agencies benefitting from much larger reputations who were also closer to them.

Many communities were represented in the campaign, therefore, messaging and creative absolutely had to resonate and reflect their reality.

Generate 3,500 volunteer enquiries in one month.


The team travelled to every province of Canada in order to capture over 20 stories of actual Big and Little matches, producing a series of genuinely emotional videos and campaign photography.

BrainWorks delivered 20 story videos, over 200 pieces of photography and regionally-specific social media graphics for recruitment. The campaign has generated 18,898 visits to the website, 48,302 video views on Facebook, and 18,072,936 people have been reached through social media graphics.

We were able to exceed the goal of 3,500 volunteer enquiries in a month, bringing it up to 3,886.