How We Helped Audiologie Avenir Hearing

3X their number of clinics and secure naming rights to Moncton’s new $115M downtown centre

Objective: Position the brand and expand beyond the Maritimes


Serving in many different communities, the messaging had to be carefully adapted to each in order to be effective across the board.

Stand-out from other audiology clinics with storytelling resonates not only with people suffering from hearing loss but also with their friends and families.


Avenir went on to expand its reach from 4 clinics when we started working together to 11 in New Brunswick alone. During 2019, they also expanded into Ontario and British Columbia.

The “Life is full of beautiful moments. Hear all of them.” campaign has proven to resonate with many. Focusing on educating the public on hearing health and using videos featuring real patients telling their story has been the most effective marketing effort the clinic has ever undertaken.

Made history by securing the naming rights to Moncton’s $100 million downtown centre. This is the largest public education marketing investment ever made by a canadian audiology group.

To this day, Avenir Hearing is still a partner and we act as their very own marketing department.