Small town, big dreams

Client: Future St. Stephen

Objective: To help Future St. Stephen work toward their 10 year goal of attracting 1,000 new residents in their targeted demographic markets.


• As decisions of this magnitude often take long periods of time to be made, results on a short term scale are hard to measure and track.

• The 2 target demographics identified necessitated 2 wholly separate campaigns and messaging




• 4 success story videos of couples who have moved to St. Stephen

• 2 microsite landing pages, 1 for each target demographic, with downloadable materials

• View book and print collateral materials

• Town Launch Party to involve and inform the local population

• Social Media graphics and ad campaign • Google AdWords campaign build


The campaign has generated 100s of potential leads so far and a number of families have made the decision to move to St. Stephen as a direct result of the campaign.