For the love of New Brunswick


Client: Excellence NB

Objective: Research has shown that if New Brunswickers make a 5% shift in their buying habits towards New Brunswick goods, services, and experiences, it would result in 5,000+ new jobs for New Brunswickers over the next 5 years. The goal of Excellence NB is to encourage New Brunswickers to support other NB companies, when and where it makes sense. If we can inspire New Brunswickers to power-up their own economy by consciously choosing products, services, and experiences from local companies it will have a positive impact on our economy.


• Finding a way to educate New Brunswickers from all backgrounds of life and both linguistic communities on the challenges the province is facing.

• Making economic impact studies accessible and understandable.

• Maximizing an initial small budget to reach as many New Brunswickers as possible.


• Development of bilingual key messaging and a comprehensive, integrated marketing campaign that includes social, digital, print and traditional media.

• Co-creation of a new association to manage and promote the Excellence NB campaign, initiative, and promotions.

• Design and build of a bilingual responsive website.

• 42 video shoots, and counting, across the province.

• Planning and execution of launch event to include HD live streaming across the province.


• 100’s of business have reached out to join us.

• 19,000 Facebook followers on the For the love of New Brunswick page.

• 600,000+ video views in the first nine weeks

• This is only the beginning of a campaign that will be ongoing for years to come.