Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Most Successful Recruitment Campaign Ever

We’re thrilled to announce that our national campaign for Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada was the most successful volunteer recruitment initiative in the organization’s history!

The campaign, launched in September 2017 was conceived due to an urgent need for volunteers across Canada. Together, we were able to exceed their goal of attracting 3,500 volunteer enquiries to address a growing waitlist for mentors across Canada. To date, they’ve received 3,886 enquiries.

“Mentorship makes a huge difference in the lives of children who are looking for someone to believe in them,” said Jody Lundrigan, National Director of Marketing and Communication for Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada. “In all our 105 years, we have never seen such amazing results from a publicity campaign. As a result, thousands more children will be matched with a mentor who will have a positive influence on their lives. We are delighted and inspired with the work done by BrainWorks.”

BBBS – PSA 30 English National from BrainWorks Marketing on Vimeo.

The campaign, which featured the slogan “Imagine who they’ll become because of you”, was able to capture the spirit and personalities of Bigs and Littles all across Canada, and gave a glimpse into the real impact these mentors have on the young people they inspire. Our team travelled to every Canadian province in order to capture over 20 stories of actual Big and Little matches, producing a series of genuinely emotional bilingual videos and campaign photography. Some celebrities also lended their personal brand to the campaign, including country music star Gord Bamford and Sean Monahan of the Calgary Flames.  

When they first came to us and shared their extremely ambitious goals, we knew it would take a minor miracle to generate those kind of results in just one month. But we knew if we brought the right partners, approach, and creative thinking to the table, it wasn’t impossible. We are firm believers in the work they do and we wanted to help them positively impact the lives of as many children as possible.

The campaign also included an integrated social media campaign which reached 18,072,936 people, and served to raise awareness for the work Big Brothers Big Sisters does. A recent study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group found that for every one dollar invested in Big Brothers Big Sisters, there is an $18 dollar return to society. Unsurprisingly, the margin is even higher among disadvantaged youth, where the return is $23.