New Brunswick Audiology Clinic Makes History

Official: Audiology Avenir Hearing secured naming rights for the brand new Moncton Events Centre.

The day the new 10,000+ seats event centre was announced for Downtown Moncton, Denis LeBlanc, president of Avenir Hearing, expressed his interest in securing the naming rights.

The team at Avenir strongly believe in their mission of educating the public about hearing loss, hearing protection, and what can be done for overall hearing health. We saw this partnership as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Avenir to build awareness about hearing health, while also participating in the continued growth and success of New Brunswick.

Avenir Center – Launch Video from BrainWorks Marketing on Vimeo.

We knew that securing the naming rights would be a first-ever for a network of audiology clinics, and a huge win for a local New Brunswick business, and set about negotiating the deal.

There were several interested parties vying for the naming rights, including many international brands. In the end, we were able to negotiate this win for our client — and the buzz has already been massive!

Many could see it as counter-intuitive for an audiology clinic to sponsor an event centre of this size, but Avenir saw the potential to help educate our region about the importance of hearing health and promote prevention. To that end, Avenir will be giving away free earplugs onsite at all events, so people can enjoy shows and events while also protecting their hearing!


The Art of Photography – Dale Preston